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"Discover How To Become A Wildly Successful Independent Recording Artist... Using Just A Handful Of These Little Known, But Amazing Strategies"

“Finally, the First Practical, Step-By-Step, Roadmap to Success for all artists! 100% Guaranteed!”

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From Chris Standring
CEO A&R Online

Hello there,

If you're like most independent artists, you're probably wildly ambitious yet struggling to make any money at all from music, let alone a full time salary. You have wrestled with club owners and promoters, just trying to keep a few gigs together. Keeping the band moral up so your artistry can live to see another year 'aint no picnic either. The simple truth these days is that, for the most part, artists don't know which way to turn in order to get their feet on the next rung of the ladder.

But boy do I have some good news for you......

But first, you might be asking "What the heck is a street team?"

A street team is essentially a group of volunteers, usually your own die-hard fans who want to support you and see you rise to the very top. They are motivated to help you sell CDs, increase your fanbase and enhance your present stature as an artist. In a nutshell, they are there to help move you up a few rungs on that success ladder without invoicing you for the hours they put in! Implementing a street team is therefore something you HAVE to capitalize on if you want to utilize every promotional opportunity and increase your visibility as an artist.

"I don't know of anyone else who has written so thoroughly on this subject." - Christopher Knab, Music Business Consultant

Chris - Your boot camp and street team ebooks are absolutely incredible, and could not be more perfectly timed than for today's industry. What a helluva musical roadmap for any musician to get to his or her final destination! - Kenny Love, President


Traditionally, street teamers have spread the word about an artist and in an ideal world will bring business to the band they are representing. They hand out flyers and plaster messages on bulletin boards all over the internet. This idea has been around for some years now. However, for the most part, the system has not held up. The strategy fails because for the most part it is flawed.

Until now that is...

I want to introduce you to a brand new system. It's called System-X, an incredibly powerful set of ideas that will turn your artist career around within a relatively short space of time and potentially enable you to perform in front of huge audiences.

Imagine stepping onto a stage and looking out into an audience of hundreds of screaming fans. Isn't that what you have always wanted? Well, if you put this plan into action right now, you too can live the dream you have always dreamed.

System X is a master plan. It works because it provides answers to all the problems artists have had for years!

I am convinced that many artists are hard workers. This includes you right now. You want to put the hours in because you know it will pay off, right?

The only problem is that most artists don't work smart. They do what they think they should be doing in order to get their careers off the ground.

"Street Team is a comprehensive guide that shows you, step by step, how to market and sell your music. It goes in depth into marketing strategies that professional marketers practice everyday. It will save you the years of research that I did. Read it once and then read it again."- Ariel Soudak - President & founder


I personally spent years and years trying to get bands off the ground and spent about fifteen of those years scratching my head thinking, "Why are my shows still not guaranteeing an audience?" followed by questions like "Is my career actually moving forward at all?!" Tell me you haven't asked yourself those questions.

I don't want to go into the whole worn out subject of how saturated the music business is, how millions of artists out there like you are also trying to make it. Telling you stuff like that is not going to stop you from chasing your dream and frankly why should it? But I do need to tell you that, with so much competition chasing fewer venues and opportunities, it is time for you to take control!!

You have to work smart. By this I mean you must do only the things that will produce results from here on out.

Most artists just don't know what to do to move forward. I meet them all the time and they are lost. This e-book is my way of saying, OK here's exactly what you need to do, now GO DO IT!!

It's a step-by-step "blueprint" that shows you everything from start to finish on how to set up your own community of fans and have them literally pack your venues for you!

The ideas in this e-book are astoundingly simple. But then again, the best marketing methods always are aren't they? I will walk you through a perfect solution and enable you to reap huge rewards, I promise!

I'm an electronica artist who bought your Street Team book and absolutely loved it! I am very impressed by the philosphy in it and so on. THANK YOU IMMENSELY FOR SUCH A COOL BOOK! I'm really enthused by your ideas, your clarity and your emphasis on FANS...thanks so much. - Arlin Godwin


If you are waiting to be discovered in the music business, you will have a long long wait. On the other hand, if you're open-minded and willing to look at skyrocketing your career and just as importantly, prepared to put in some hard work -- this e-book is for you! You'll read about my cutting-edge strategies that will work for you in the same way that they have worked for me!

Beat the labels at their own game and build a fanbase that is yours and yours alone.

This e-book is unlike anything presently on the market. The design plan is simple, unique and highly effective. It is a system that incorporates an online and offline strategy that perfectly compliments each other. Read this jam packed e-book and you will learn:

  • Why bands do not survive

  • How existing as an independent artist is just as valid now as signing a record deal

  • System-X, the principle discussed in depth

  • How to optimize your website so you get tons of new fans

  • How to fully automate your website so it compliments everything offline

  • Setting up and implementing your street team effectively

  • Tasks of the street teamers and how to get them to give you "slam dunk" results

  • What incentives to give street teamers so they keep bringing you big business

  • Tracking your street teamer's progress

  • How to get tons of new fans simply by giving away free stuff

  • Why it is imperative to build a mailing list (and how to do it so you get a slew of new subscribers)

  • Oodles of promotional tools you can incorporate into the System-X plan

  • How to find gigs locally and not locally (and pack the houses)

  • And much much more...
What's more, when you implement this method, you will have a multitude of new fans signing up on your mailing list. I have included some html templates that you can customize for your website so setting up all the cool online stuff is a complete breeze.

Applying System-X is easy. Just follow a few simple steps and just watch the results!


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I promise to reveal every effective insider's strategy and technique used to enable you to elevate your artist career tenfold!

Believe me, people who have read this e-book are telling me the information is "astounding" and "highly original!". One thing I can tell you for sure is that you will find this information nowhere else on the Internet. With this in mind, the price of this e-book could be twenty times the price I am asking. But I want to make it affordable. After all, artists don't have an excess of dollars to shell out....

Even though the price of this document is completely ludicrous, I want to tell you what is really important...


Chris - In all the years I've known you, your resourcefulness and insight into the music business has never ceased to amaze me. Your new "Street Team" e-book is just the latest example. There are some really killer
'thinking-outside-the-box' kind of promotional ideas for artists. What a great guide for anyone wanting to take their music career to the next level. Nicely done, man!
Continued Success, Jim Wilson - Willow Bay recording artist


Too many artists make the same mistakes time and time again. It happened to me for way too long and to be frank, I just can't stand to see others make the same painful mistakes. If you don't know what promotional strategies really work, you can find yourself wasting too much time and energy beating your head against a brick wall. The music business is too competitive. For as long as you are in this business of music, read this e-book and you will stand in good stead from the get-go. It's as simple and straight forward as that.

You know what, I will even take all the risk!!

I want to make it absolutely foolproof for you. You see, I completely guarantee that "Street Team" and its unique approach will fuel you and provide the answers to get you to that next level of success. If you are in any way not satisfied, I will refund your money within a 12 month period, no questions asked.

"Street Team" is now part of A&R Online's "Indie Artist DIY Smartkit" and is therefore no longer sold individually. However, the DIY Smartkit program has been dramatically reduced in cost for A&R Online subscribers. For more info and to order "Street Team" and 7 other must read music biz documents go here

It's time to take control!

Take care.


Market your music using street teams
Chris Standring
CEO A&R Online

PS: Remember, the risk is all mine. By ordering "Street Team" right now you will learn every technique to put your artist career completely on the map and you have 12 months to return it if you are not 100% satisfied.

It's a wealth of tried and tested techniques! Please don't get left behind.

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