"Reading Chris Standring's step by step guide, "So You Think You Want A Record Deal", Is like getting advice from the music biz veteran uncle you wish you had. He shoots from the hip, with just the right amount of wisdom, fact and humour. Reading this guide is like going to rock and roll boot camp! It might scare you a little, but it will enable you to weed out false moves and bad judgement calls you might have made had you not read it and followed Chris's sage advice".
Wendy Lands
Warner Chappell songwrite

Your e-book was absolutely AMAZING! Very interesting reading materials. I will be sure to check out ALL of your future endeavors via online services. Thank you and please know that you have an excellent website and very informative materials. Too bad I can't be there to shake your hand because I am still in AWE after going through the materials that I received - Yasmine Yu, independent artist

"Chris Standring's book So You Think You Want a Record Deal made real sense to me on a personal level. He asks you to ask yourself very personal and deep questions regarding why exactly you would want to be in the music business in the first place. Is it ego driven or the love of the music itself? Personally, Chris's book helped me sort out some of my own questions about this business and I would certainly recommend every up and coming musician sit down and really read this e-book.
Sharon Middendorf

The e-book I purchased was very informative and was explained in laymen's terms. Especially for a new artist trying to get into the business, just to have information that explains what to expect from every direction is a step in the right direction if you ask me. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to help make dreams come true. Keep on writing and keep it real for the up and coming Stars. When I finially make it big I can tell others the best way to learn the business is from someone in the business, like you. Thanks a million. Lynett Taylor - R&B vocalist

"Whether your choice is independent or major label, this book maybe your touchstone in deciding which course of action is best for you. A very informative book"
Dino Soldo, independent artist with Tobacco Bagg Records


You nailed the basics in a quick, easily digestable read and really brought focus to an area which is not easy for people on the "inside" to break into...much like radio itself, as you know so well, so much of radio and records is all about connections, a great product and targeted marketing....I not only loved your e book but really found your little "proverbs" entertaining and funny
- Ron Erak - Seattle radio consultant with Jones Radio Network

Hi Chris,
I thoroughly dug your book. I'm a vocal coach and "small potatoes" singer promoter, and have found your straight-talking book to be very helpful to my starry-eyed singer students. Your writing style is great too - an easy and fun read! Chrys Page -































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Hi My name is Chris Standring, recording artist and founder of A&R Online. After 20 years as a professional musician, several hit records and national tours to my name, I want to impart a whole lot of career ideas that will help get you that break you need in the shortest possible time...

The truth is, I know exactly what you are going through. Why? because I have been exactly where you are and the simple truth is I got tired of it and decided to take total control.

That was back in the early nineties. Since then I have closed four record deals for myself with absolutely no help whatsoever regarding introductions to those labels. (I closed the fourth deal July 2006). That's right, I found out exactly what label I wanted to sign to, did a little research on who I should talk to, phoned the company cold, completely unsolicited, didn't even have a referral, and eventually closed a deal. I did this four times! I want to show you how with a little savvy, you can do this too!!

I can also tell you how to get hooked up with the right support team, namely managers and attorneys as, at the right time, you will certainly need these guys.

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So where does that leave us?

Well, do you have any idea how many independently financed record companies exist out there? Literally thousands!! It is not only a major label world. What is more, these labels are crying out for signable talent! It is possible to start on your own, get signed to a reputable indie label, prove yourself in the marketplace and later on get signed to a major. This is the new course of action. It's a baby step process. For those looking to be discovered, think again. It's up to you to make it happen. It's all very possible but knowledge is power! If you really want to learn, I can show you how. Stay with me...

"Practical, realistic advice is more of a rarity than you would think. Chris Standring's "So You Think You Want A Record Deal" is just that. Ask yourself, do you really want a deal? If the answer is 'yes,' read every word of this. When you're done you'll find yourself a step closer to realizing the dream."
Mike Mena/VP of Artist Development for MUSICBLITZ RECORDS


I want to introduce you to an e-book I penned entitled "So You Think You Want A Record Deal". I will show you how you too can get hooked up with a record label in your immediate future! I want you to benefit from my experience.

Perception is literally everything when trying to get signed! Read this book and you will learn:
  • How to fit into a rigid marketplace!
    What genre of music do you fit into? CHR, NAC, Urban AC, Country? The music industry is like every other business, it thrives on selling products to a marketplace. It is crucial that you exist within one of these markets. I will explain how radio works in detail and help you understand how to market your act successfully.
  • How to record a CD that will make A&R execs stand to attention!
    A&R reps are bombarded with music daily. Discover how to rise way above the crowd.
  • The truth about how record companies really think so you can give them what they need (without compromising your art)
    Learn what A&R guys need, what motivates them to sign an act, how they think so you can stay one step ahead.
  • How to prepare a highly effective submission package!
    I receive artist submissions daily - I have listened to so many, I can tell before I open a package whether that artist has what it takes - record labels can too! - effective submission package protocol is imperitive!!
  • Amazing networking techniques to reach the people you need!
    Meet those all important powerful music biz guys, learn how to schmooze with the best of them with these powerful networking techniques.
  • Incredible secrets of how to attract record label attention!
    Learn all the steps to create record company "buzz".
  • How to successfully phone record companies "unsolicited"!
    Learn how to walk through red tape with a breeze, and get labels calling you!
  • Keep companies interested and eventually get the deal signed!
    Successfully close a deal all the way to the end.
  • How to exercise vitally important methods of manipulation to GET THAT DEAL YOU WANT!

    And much much more.....

Tested proven techniques that simply work!

'So You Think You Want A Record Deal...' is a spirited how to...(and how not to) e-book. A very clever idea that is written with real-world examples for musicians/artists by a musician/artist. Author Chris Standring also sprinkles short "thoughts for the day" that keep the bigger-picture in mind. All nine-chapters are written with passion and expertise, and it's a must-read for artists."
Russell Ziecker
President/COO Milan Entertainment Inc a BMG Company


One thing you should know. This e-book is unlike anything you've ever seen. Why? because I am a musician just like you. I am not a manager or attorney, you know, people who sit behind office desks and answer phones. I have hit the streets, pounded on doors, tried to get people to listen just like you have. I have written this book from a purely artistic standpoint. I have written this book from hands on experience!

It's a step-by-step program that shows you everything from start to finish on how to make your project stand leagues above the rest and compel record labels to come knocking on your door!

You too can get to that success level you always dreamed of, and you can learn it from a successful artist that knows exactly what you're going through right now! Stay one step ahead, learn all the tricks, avoid the all too common pitfalls and build a solid lasting career.

Music business success is no more than a game but in order to win you have to learn how to play it. It's as simple as that!

I promise to reveal every effective strategy and technique used to successfully court record companies. No holds barred.

So whether you're new to shopping a deal or a seasoned pro who is looking to get signed, this intensive info-packed e-book will turn you into a master and point you in the right direction to a successful music career.

Learning all the tricks of the music business is easy..

Getting started couldn't be easier.


"Every musician, whether hoping to get signed by a major, large independent, or just wishes to operate in the business realm of music much smarter and faster than the competition, should make Chris' new books their primary "inside" sources.

And, artists should do so, if for no other reason than they are written by an active recording and performing artist, and not some executive who only writes from theory and may (or may not even) have ever actively been involved in the music industry."
Kenny Love- internationally Syndicated writer


I have seen bands make all the wrong moves, time and time again. Artists with big potential who blew it because they didn't know how to play the game. Then, those artists started new projects and made all the same mistakes! Listen. It's not worth it! The music business is too competetive. For as long as you are in the music business, read this e-book and you will stand in good stead from the get-go. You have a chance. A big chance! I can tell you this might be the best music career investment you ever made.

I will even take all the risk!!

Now, in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it absolutely fool-proof for you. You see, I completely guarantee that this unique approach will fuel you and provide inspiration to get you to that next level of success. If you are in any way not satisfied, I will refund your money within a 12 month period.

"So You Think You Want A Record Deal" is now part of A&R Online's "Indie Artist DIY Smartkit" and is therefore no longer sold individually. However, the DIY Smartkit program has been dramatically reduced in cost for A&R Online subscribers. For more info and to order "So You Think You Want A Record Deal" and 7 other must read music biz documents go here

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Record deals
Chris Standring
CEO A&R Online

It's a wealth of proven techniques. Why get left behind? To get on a fast track to record dealdom and music success, place your order right now.


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