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A&R Online Professional Contract Templates

Record contract templates from A&R Online
Protect yourself in today's music business before it's too late! Ammend these professional contract templates to meet your specific needs. Seven crucial contracts are included, all of which can be used for study or for your own professional use. These contracts are downloadable files in Microsoft word doc format. Contracts include:

  • Band contract
    This is a crucial contract to have. It is all too common that a band rehearses for years and when a record company finally offers a record contract, the label only wants the lead singer or the main front people. Protect yourselves now by signing a band agreement. Make sure you ALL sign the deal when it comes around.

  • Management contract
    Are you looking to manage an artist? Ammend this contract to suit your needs.

  • Record contract (short)
    A simple recording contract template you can ammend to your needs.

  • Record contract (long)
    This record contract is longer and more involved, typically what a major or established indie label would issue to its artists.

  • Producer agreement
    Are you developing an artist with view to a label signing? Too many times a label will get excited about an artist but 90% of the time will insist that the artist makes an album with a producer of the label's choosing. The label wants to lessen the odds of disaster and will always defer to the established hitmakers. If you are not protected, all your work is in vain. Protect yourself now and make sure you either get to produce the album OR receive financial compensation for your efforts.

  • Booking venue agreement
    Once your band starts to hit the road you will want to sign simple contracts to make sure that the venue means business just like you do. If a venue won't sign a simple contract stating its offer in writing to you then these venues are simply not worth dealing with (unless you have a strong relationship with them). Furthermore, when you start to do good business with a venue, you should be insisting on a 50% up front guarantee when a contract is signed. A venue will see this as good business. Protect yourself. Don't get in a van and drive 100 miles and find out your band was double booked!

  • Work for hire
    Looking to do studio work? Use this simple work for hire agreement.

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