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Alternative Rock (13)

Mythical ArrangementMythical Arrangement
The last 2 and a half years have seen a substantial fan base formed in Switzerland. With over 300 CDs sold and 50 gigs under our belt. Highlights include Montreux Jazz Festival 2001 + a mini-tour of England 2002.

Neural ManifestNeural Manifest
We are a alternative rock band who's music pounds and catches your ear in ways no other band can. We have catchy songs with deep meanings and emotion. We capture our audience with a very real feeling and enjoy every minute of it.

Order Of The DayOrder Of The Day
Order of the Day blends pounding beats, grinding guitars and soaring melodies, producing intricate, accessible rock. The revolution begins now.

'Fresh Passionate Alternative Rock', is the only way to describe the Irish based trio 'Paradox'. These guys are a commanding force in the New Music Arena, taking the listener on a musical journey filled with Expression, Truth and Integrity.

Pauli Exclusion PrinciplePauli Exclusion Principle
Emo band from northern california. pauli exclusion principle delivers their own brand of rock to any and all within earshot.

Pillow of WrongnessPillow of Wrongness
Bringing back melodies and hooks into loud, guitar-driven rock!

Sideways To SevenSideways To Seven
S27 draws a thick line in the sand using heavy melodic rock moodiness and raw emotional undercurrents.

Soma AddictSoma Addict
Soma Addict have been together since June 2004 But have Played over 200 shows. Soma Addict is based out of Montreal, Canada. Their 1st EP is out now. They have recently signed with Universal Music Publishing.

Tempus Fugit An american BandTempus Fugit An american Band
AlternaPunkRock in Akron Ohio 'Porn to Rock'

The MushThe Mush
Independant music makers, free mp3 and some not free. Based in London England.

The New Digital SoundThe New Digital Sound
Rock muzik infused with electroniks. Find us on I-Tunes.

Timshel is based in Southampton and prides itself on its quirky and addictive material. We have been compared to Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, the Black Crowes and many others.

Energetic, radio friendly rock show. Serious fun.

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