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It has been a fairly active and as always interesting two months in the music industry world on several fronts. The most significant news, of course, was the breakup of the Island / Def Jam Music Group into three separate stand-alone labels; Island, Def Jam, and Motown. Steve Bartels who was the former President of Island is now CEO of Def Jam. In addition, Kyambo “Hip Hop” Joshua and No I.D. are now co-heads of A&R at Def Jam. Meanwhile Mercury President David Massey assumes the Presidency of Island. The label will be adding marketing and A&R personnel to the label’s staff. Motown is now a stand-alone label with Ethiopia Habtemariam becoming President.

SONY’s Epic label has announced Sylvia Rhone has become President. Also joining Epic is Aaron Reid. Jojo Brim becomes the new GM of the relaunched LaFace. SONY’s Columbia has added Greg Linn as Sr. VP A&R. Meanwhile over in the UK, SONY appoints Jason Illey as the new MD. RCA-UK adds Joe Iddison as an A&R Consultant and Neil Hughes as GM. Also over in the UK, Alex Beaten joins Island’s A&R Team. Warner Bros. adds three new A&R Executives to its West Coast office; Michael Howe, Jack Minihan and Kate Craig. Michael Howe joins Warner Bros. from Capitol. Exiting their A&R positions are Darrale Jones from Def Jam, Terrence Nelson from Interscope, Paul Gargano from Century Media, Keir Fullerton from Capitol-UK, Joe Kentish from Mercury and Joanna Wilson from EMI Classics.

Veteran A&R Executive Karen Kwak is promoted to Ex. VP A&R – Universal Music Group, a far more expansive scope to her A&R duties within the entire Universal Music Group. Domino opens a West Coast office while Glassnote-LA and Motown-LA move into the Capitol Tower. Oscar Mazzola has recently joined forces with Bob Knight at Music Sales, and will be pitching and quoting for all media sectors (Ads, Film, TV, Trailers, Games) and can be reached in their Santa Monica office. Taryn Haight is the newly hired Director of Dance Marketing & Artist Relations at Warner Bros. Records and is joined by Lauren Lipsay who joins as Manager of Dance Marketing. Former SVP Rock Formats at Republic, Dennis Blair, returns to the RCA Records label as SVP Promotion. Republic Records has also announced that SVP Promotion and Artist Development David Nathan will move to Big Label Machine Group where he will serve as an executive intermediary between the two companies. BMI has reported that SVP of Corporate Strategy, Communication and New Media, Richard Conlon is leaving the company and former Music Week Deputy News Editor, Tina Hart, has joined as Executive of Writer/Publisher Relations in Europe. And Motown has appointed Myisha Brooks as VP of Creative Relations & Marketing. Of course as always, the new A&R Registry (or one of our other directories) has everyone's new location, addresses and contact information.. More info and order.

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